Friday, April 9, 2010

That's What Friends Are For

It’s really rare to meet a fellow travel writer whom you’d actually want to travel with again (let alone one who’s sane, sometimes), but I consider myself to be extremely lucky—I’ve met so many truly funny, kind and generous fellow writers on my past trips.

As with other writers, however, travel writers are their own special breed with their own types, too. Some of the less-likeable ones I’ve encountered in the past include the creepy old guy, the diva, the kooky one and the elitist (and always loquacious) snob, just to name a few. I think most other writers would agree with me that we’re all a little strange and peculiar in our own ways—that’s why we’re writers, after all, right? I’m sure I fall into a category, too—whichever one it is, I just hope it’s not that bad.

But it’s even rarer to meet someone whom you can think of as one of your dearest friends and travel buddies.

Cindy is just that person. She and I first met on a press trip to Hong Kong and we immediately bonded over a noisy, multicourse dinner of gigantic Cantonese-style prawns and steaming-hot “ice” water. Since then, we’ve survived a sandstorm together in Jordan; we’ve gorged on croquettes in Amsterdam; and we’ve won a car rally knock-off of “The Amazing Race” in Israel. Throughout each of our trips—through good times and not so good times—I could always count on Cindy to make me laugh or have my back, no matter what.

So, today, on her birthday, I just want to say thank you, and that I hope we get to travel together again sometime soon! (Photo ©

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