Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Favorites, 2009 (Part 3, Animals)

I’ve come to the conclusion that there are two particularly photogenic types of animals that I love to snap photos of: camels and dogs. Dogs are an obvious choice but camels—well, who knew they were so obliging and had so much character?

A beer-drinking camel from Petra in Jordan (February 2009)

My favorite camel of all time, from Wadi Rum in Jordan—look at that smile! (February 2009)

Little paw prints from the salt ponds in Kauai (July 2009)

A pooped pup in front of a pub in Cologne, Germany (August 2009)

My second-favorite camel of all time. I met him outside of a pit stop while we made our way from Tiberias to Masada in Israel. (September 2009)

A happy dog in Tel Aviv (September 2009)

Another happy dog from Costa Rica (October 2009)

And finally, a Costa Rican monkey just hanging out on a telephone line (November 2009)

(All photos © Deanna Ting)

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