Friday, May 28, 2010

Perfectly Pura Vida?, Part 2

Sorry for the delay. Here’s the continuation of what I learned from my most recent trip to Costa Rica:

15. Spanish really is my default foreign language. Guess those four years of high school Spanish classes weren’t a complete loss!

16. You really can find Chinese food anywhere. This entire San Jose shop is devoted to my favorite sausage: lop cheong.

17. …Along with all of your favorite American fast-food brand names.

18. If you think that what you’re hearing is the little pitter patter of tiny rodent feet in the space between your ceiling and the roof, it probably is.

19. Never feel guilty about going back for seconds at a buffet, especially when it’s as good as this breakfast was at Parque del Lago Hotel Vivo in San Jose. (I had already taken a bite when I remembered to snap my photo.)

20. This is especially true when chorreadas (corn pancakes with a sweet sour cream topping) and gallos (tacos, I suppose) are involved.

21. Tacky—and questionably offensive—souvenirs are here to stay.

22. Oh, and as long as the pile of shit is just near the top of the waterslide and not actually in the waterslide, you’re cool.

23. A volcano view beats an ocean view any day.

24. Even though I’m more of a dog person, I thought these cats were pretty cool.

25. Kids are cute, but dancing kids up the cuteness quotient tenfold.

26. I love it when I see faces in inanimate objects.

27. Sexually charged sculptures aren’t always considered tasteless; to some people, they’re akin to fine art. So, don’t be a hater.

28. Everything tastes better with a side of Salsa Lizano (top left).

29. Dancing makes everything better—even a cruise to nowhere in particular.

30. And, last but not least, we’ll always have Thermooooo ... Maaaaania—always.


  1. Number 27! Sad, but true-so many haters when it comes to ancient erotic art. If you're ever curious about sexually-charged sculpture in other parts of the world, may I suggest the Khajuraho temples in India?

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! I've never been to India but I'd love to go one day.

  3. You're welcome. Being the history buff I am, I can't help but make suggestions for people to check out historical things before it's too late.

    As an example of the haters in relation to some of Khajuraho's erotic sculptures--even Mahatma Gandhi wanted them destroyed. O.O